Master’s Thesis project - Effect of the solid state of propyl gallate in pharmaceutical formulations
Material properties, such as the solid state forms of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) are central to the development of a pharmaceutical formulation. The solid state properties of excipients are also of great importance but often less well characterized.

Propyl gallate (PG) is an antioxidant commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry to improve drug product storage stability. The amount of added PG is low, generally <<1% of the tablet weight and this makes tight control and a deep understanding of both the materials properties and the tablet manufacturing processes crucial to product quality. A fundamental knowledge of the effect of physical properties, such as the crystalline form of PG, is therefore needed.

Scope: Produce PG of predefined solid state forms at gram scale and characterize solid material by XRPD, DSC as well as UPLC. Determine aqueous solubility. Manufacture tablets containing the PG produced and a substance sensitive to oxidation. Characterize the tablets for content uniformity and initial purity using UPLC or another adequate technique. Perform a stability study on the tablets to assess the stabilizing effect of different forms of PG.

A background in Pharmaceutics, Chemical Engineering or Materials Science is suitable for the project.

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Last date to submit your application is April 15th.