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Nu erbjuder Kalaallit flygplats på Grönland tillsammans med våra kollegor på Randstad i Danmark en unik möjlighet att arbeta som Anläggningsansvarig för projektet att bygga flygplatsen. Läs mer om tjänsten nedan och vid intresse att söka, gå in via nedan länk och sök via den annonsen.

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Construction manager – a unique project in amazing Greenland

In 2019, Kalaallit Airports A/S (KAIR) will start the largest and most comprehensive construction project in Greenland so far. The project comprises construction of two international airports in Nuuk and Ilulissat as well as construction of a North Atlantic airport in Qaqortoq.

We are therefore looking for a construction manager with solid and relevant experience to handle the owner’s internal project management towards other project participants for the construction of runways, roads and technical installations for the duration of the project, which is approximately four and a half years.

The job
The construction manager must ensure the entire organisation is involved in the project – in time and in accordance with KAIR’s visions and project goals. This requires open and timely communication and reporting to the CEO and the rest of the organisation.

You will report directly to the CEO, and you will be working closely with KAIR’s two internal project managers, external consultants, other participants, etc.

The construction project must be managed according to the operational, physical, technical, financial and time framework set out by the board of directors. The overall responsibility includes, among other things, risk management, budget follow-up, reporting and compliance. This applies both internally in the organisation and to external appointed owner’s engineers, project supervisors, site managers, technical supervisors, legal advisors, authorities and other relevant stakeholders.

The projects are carried out by external advisors and consultants, so you are expected to take a firm approach providing constructive criticism in all phases of the project and to all external participants. As a construction manager, you are expected to use your insight and experience to create a flexible and professional cooperative environment in terms of time schedules, project finances and quality assurance, etc.

As KAIR is a small organisation this is also a unique opportunity to take part in the daily development of KAIR’s administration, thereby contributing to efficient operation and development of the office within the given framework.

Specific tasks include

? Establishing and managing KAIR’s in-house control and coordination of external site managers, including quality assurance, cooperation and job satisfaction

? Project finance, including payment approval, guidelines, procedures, progress statements, progress reports, etc.

? Claims management, collecting and coordinating relevant information in relation to project risks, budget assumptions, technical input and alternative solutions for all claims received

? Cooperating with the owner’s legal advisers in relation to contracts and contractual obligations/content

? Ensuring a streamlined and efficient process for management and administration of contractual conditions between KAIR’s project organisation and external contractors/subcontractors

? Professional sparring with the external site management on construction progress

The construction of the new airports is an exciting project milestone in Greenland and the largest and most comprehensive construction project so far. The construction manager must demonstrate solid experience within construction law as well as with overview and detailed financial management of large and complex construction projects.

The candidate must possess solid knowledge of and experience with digital supervision, be familiar with the Byggeweb Capture tool and be a skilled and strong negotiator. It is a prerequisite that the candidate can document strong English skills comprising relevant industry and technical terms as communication between contractors and consultants is expected to be in English.

Even though KAIR’s organisation is limited in size, political and public expectations will be both high and positive. The construction manager must therefore thrive in and like to be part of a diverse environment and must be open-minded and a skilled negotiator.

We also expect you to

? Have a relevant engineering/architectural degree – preferably combined with relevant project management training

? Have in-depth experience with relevant project management and contract management (preferably from handling the owner role of international projects and contracts)

? Have experience with construction of load-carrying surfaces such as runways, motorways, busy roads/open spaces (asphalt)

? Have solid relevant project management experience from projects of a similar scope and nature

? Have extensive experience cooperating with owner’s engineers, consultants and contractors

? Have detailed insight into and experience with quality assurance work and documentation at a high level

? Have claims management experience

? Have the necessary health and safety coordination competences

? Have strong IT skills within this specific professional field

? Have knowledge of and/or an interest in the Arctic and cold climates

? Be able to communicate in English at a high level, both in writing and orally.

The company

Kalaallit Airports A/S was established on 1 July 2016. The company’s purpose is to build, own and operate airports and related activities in Nuuk, Ilulissat and Qaqortoq, respectively. The company provides one overall, competent and professional organisation with the relevant skills and experience necessary to construct two international airports in Nuuk and Ilulissat and one North Atlantic airport in Qaqortoq.

The company has a limited number of staff and therefore relies on subcontractors to handle operational and administrative tasks. This means that subcontractors act as owner’s engineer and perform, e.g., engineering, site management and professional supervision activities.

In addition to the CEO and CFO, the company currently employs two project managers to handle project construction activities, regulatory processing and owner’s deliverables, and now wishes to hire an experienced construction manager to manage the construction of runways and airport infrastructure.

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